Walk the line: taboo subjects in street photography?


The story of Kenneth Jarecke’s 1991 photograph of an Iraqi soldier burnt to death in his truck has been widely reported. Differing editorial decisions in the US and Europe saw the photograph published by The Observer in the UK and Libération in France but, not by Time magazine or the Associated Press in the US. This is one of many such examples where particular images are deemed too politically or socially sensitive in relation to dominant public narratives.

For street photographers, this issue of self-censorship raises interesting personal questions. Primary among them being: In what ways does your personal identity and ethics affect what and how you photograph? Mary Ellen Mark put it this way: Continue reading


Vivian Maier deserves more scholarship and less spectatorship.

© Vivian Maier/Maloof Collection

© Vivian Maier/Maloof Collection

The public’s appetite for Vivian Maier shows no signs of sating. Four books of images (and more on the way), two feature length films, international gallery exhibitions, and countless press articles since her archive was unearthed in a Chicago storage in 2007. Continue reading

Tatsuo Suzuki: An appreciation

Tatsuo SuzukiTatsuo Suzuki.  Image © Tatsuo Suzuki. http://justatoy.pixu.com/biography





Born in Tokyo Japan in 1965, Tatsuo Suzuki is a Tokyo based amateur photographer with a nine to five day job[1]. He started taking photographs in 2008. Initially photographing in colour, his signature black and white style quickly emerged. Continue reading